Brand Health

A Complete Brand Health Monitoring Solution 

The Total Brand Health Model (TBH) is the one research methodology that accounts for all of the factors that can affect the health of your brand. TBH comprises five research modules:

  • News media analysis
  • Social media analysis
  • Customer/stakeholder/member satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores
  • Employee engagement
  • Public awareness and impressions (reputation)

Flexible and Customizable

Metrics from each research module combine to create the Total Brand Health Score, a definitive indicator of the overall health of your brand. TBH’s modular design allows users to customize their research package by selecting any of the five research modules – alone or in combination – depending on their own unique brand-health needs.

Easy to Understand and Actionable

Total Brand Health scores range from zero to 100 with a grading spectrum as follows:

The TBH Score is a powerful indicator of brand health, yet it is also simple to use. Its single metric design makes it easy to both understand and communicate to stakeholders. TBH allows users to quickly identify priority areas and enables them to empirically monitor the impacts of strategic efforts to improve brand health.

Download the TOTAL BRAND HEALTH Brochure

As your partner in brand-health research, Mission Research is committed to delivering results that are comprehensive, comprehensible, and – most importantly – actionable.